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It's all so...

It's all so...
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pretty and far too landscaped?

My first thought is that I expect it to turn into an Escher piece once I turn a corner.

...much better lit than Boston right now.

I don't love Florida, but for a long time I attributed that to my experiences in Ft. Lauderdale, where my grandmother lived until her death. Ft Lauderdale was, I thought, one big strip mall. And I hate strip malls. After being there for the death of my grandmother, I figured I could write the state off as a place I don't like and don't have to visit ever again.

Then, last summer, I had to go to Orlando for work. Damn. Well, I figured, this is a good chance to see another part of the state! Sadly, it turned out that Orlando appeared to be not a strip mall but a series of strip malls interspersed with bizarre, mega-corporate resorts with fakey-dakey facades. I stayed in a hotel complex that was made up to look like an Italian villa, complete with a fucking port for boats. (This is a port to nowhere.)

It wasn't even fake in a postmodernly interesting way like Las Vegas. I caught not even a whiff of self-awareness about how fake it all was. It was incredibly weird. What's appealing about that to people?

It wasn't even fake in a postmodernly interesting way like Las Vegas.

This is precisely the conclusion I came to last night. Just useless.

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