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Bread in a can!

Bread in a can!
Originally uploaded by mollymomolly.

Have people outside of New England even heard of this stuff? Hoo yeah, that's my homeland. Boiled dinner, baked beans buried in the ground, and bread in a can.

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You forgot shrimp wiggle. ;)

Shrimp wiggle! Shrimp wiggle. I did forget shrimp wiggle.

And while I'm saying "shrimp wiggle", I suppose I have to actually say "bean hole beans".

I had never heard of it until moving to Boston, and I was mighty suspicious the first several times I did hear of it. Even still, I can't quite make sense of it.

Hm. Perhaps when bread in a can looks appetizing, it's time to eat some lunch.

I've actually mailed BIAC to midwestern non-believers. That shit is heavy to ship. :)

Whoopie pies!

Holy crap, how could I forget WHOOPIE PIES?

By the way, I just got back from traveling basically nonstop since mid-May, and I have a whole boatload of back-congratulations to send to you. Also, a couple of books. CONGRATULATIONS!

i managed to avoid that, probably for the best. if i'd seen it i probably would be scarred.

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