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Originally uploaded by mollymomolly.

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Caption: "Dr. David Banner is angered by his Birkenstocks."

ROFL. Okay, that made my day.

what's disturbing is it's hard to tell if those are green toe socks, the lighting has issues, or your toes are green.


They're green toe socks. My feet are still not green.

But it looks like you have green FEETS in that picture!

I am alarmed.

But only slightly.

I'm totally creeped out by those.

Ahhh! So! Cute!

I want to bite your toes! Nicely, of course.

They look more shrek colored than hulk colored to me. Yay!

That's the first time I've ever actually wished I could wear toe socks!

i dunno about toe socks.... seeing them with sandals is disconcerting at minimum. But, hey - black and green, your sandals and toe socks don't clash?

Hah! Fret not, the sandals are brown.

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