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Unsweetened iced tea!

Unsweetened iced tea!
Originally uploaded by mollymomolly.

This shouldn't be hard to find, but it is.

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Bizarrely, you can get it in a lot of restaurants. It's only hard to find in bottles. Go figure.

Right! That's precisely what's bizarre to me.

Maybe most people prefer it sweentened, but you always have the option to doctor in a restaurant and might not in a convenience store? Or maybe the sugar covers up the taste of whatever they use to make it shelf-stable? Or maybe it's because ALIENS OWN NESTEA.

I think that the actual answer is that aliens have taken over Nestea, since I'm pretty sure they USED to sell an unsweetened tea in stores!

Oh, my god!

I wish they had that everywhere. I often try to bring my own to work, but brewing tea is kind of a time-consuming thing as far as my morning routine is concerned, and I rarely manage to remember to make it ahead.


Oh, if only! Sadly, this stuff, although good!, was over $2/bottle. I'm hoping that tons of people buy it and some company makes cheap knockoffs.

another nice thing about living in asia... unsweetened (& cheap) iced green tea is everywhere... the downside would be that sometimes it casn be hard to tell from the no-english package to tell if it is sweetened or not, since sweetened iced tea is around too.

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