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I really am the only one sans wetsuit.

I really am the only one sans wetsuit.
Originally uploaded by molbl0g.

Am I: (a) lazy, (b) stubborn, (c) amused, or (d) crazy?


This failed to send pre-race, so the answer turned out to be (a) and (c). I got big callouts for being the only one in my wave sans wetsuit.

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notabene: Paaaahk the caaah in haaavahd yaaaahd.

Your interpretation is more charitable. :)

Also: Yeah, I don't know what that was about. At least the other guy said "wicked". But while I was standing around, this awesome guy who looked 65 or 70 years old ("Alcatraz Joe") came up to me and said "Hi, I'll be helping you out of the water, now let me tell you about this 8-mile harbor swim called the Boston Lighthouse Swim I love to do every year..."

I think I BREATHE CRAZY OUT MY PORES, because not only did he have me pegged, he made it sound like a good idea.

Damn, I'd forgotten how sexy triathlon set-up is.

You should come out and do Treasure Island next year!

He's right, you know. It was such a good course.

I was gonna vote (c) and also (e) from Maine.

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