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IJLS "life-long practice of hammering away at fixed objects".

IJLS "life-long practice of hammering away at fixed objects".
Originally uploaded by molbl0g.

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Don't kick the baby and ...


"This feel good, robust skill toy has easy to handle parts. An ideal start to your child's life-long practice of hammering away at fixed objects! When the balls are struck, they roll down an inner path so as not to scatter away. A great toy to improve hand-eye coordination (aligning, slotting, aiming), combined with all the fun of hammering."

Come on! "ALL THE FUN OF HAMMERING"! Have you no HEART?

(She doesn't like to use the hammer-head on the balls, anyway. She either uses the handle or her hands.)

You were involved in the screenwriting of the latest Bond movie, weren't you?

I haven't seen it yet, but if I was involved in the screenwriting, I'm not sure I want to!

Oh, my. You must go see it. Approximately last thursday.

He's totally right. You really must.

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