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"Yes, it's totally totally soap."

"Yes, it's totally totally soap."
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Has EVERYONE in Boston gotten into making soap? (And does anyone do mail order?)

Yes. We do. What are you looking for?

DJ likes things that have citrus, pine and cinnamon scents. His favorite soap, no longer made, was one at Lush that combined citrus (orange) and cinnamon.

I recommend our Delicious Girlfriend, a clove-lime scent with gold mica and powdered cloves.

We don't have anything pine scented, but we have Taps, a sage-cucumber scented soap that has a distinctly sweet and spicy-green smell. And silver mica with silver glitter, because we like shiny.

Bars are $5 a piece for about 4 ounces of soap (a palm-sized bar for me). 3 bars are $13. We'll add about $3 shipping to the top of that.

Our website is www.zeugasoap.com, and we're going to post pictures and descriptions asap.

(Also, my address book crashed. Would you be willing to send me an email to my personal account @.org so I can save off your email?)

And...kinky rubber duckies?

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