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"Oh, do you work for iRobot?"

"Oh, do you work for iRobot?"
Originally uploaded by molbl0g.

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More women need to wear vests. Hell more people need to wear vests, but you definitely need to post pictures of you in vests more often. *swoon*

really, i'm amazed anyone comented on the shirt, because i'm busy going humunnahummunnacuuuurrrvy...

Heh, it's totally the "make Molly feel good about herself" outfit. :)


2) You are making an expression that I've seen Natalie make in your photos! You're related to her! THAT'S SO WEIRD!!!

3) Hi! :)

1) hi, molly, um, hi.

2) "I T ROBOTS"? I don't get it.

The "T" is a screw.

And ditto on item 1.

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