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Still exciting!

Still exciting!
Originally uploaded by molbl0g.

My dashboard takes in CDs and then puts out music!

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Is the picture broken? All I see is the top bit of it and the rest is just grey.

Grrr! Uploads fail way too often when I try to put up big pictures. There, I replaced it so you can see my dashboard in all its glory.

(Deleted comment)
So far, so good! What normally bugs you about the interface? My criteria were few: must be able to play MP3 CDs, take aux input, play AM as well as FM (!), have a removable faceplate, not suck. It also has satellite radio capability, but I'm not using that. But um, I've been able to figure everything out so far without consulting a manual or thinking too hard, so I suppose the interface is at least usable.

So many of them came with remote controls! WTF?

I remember it being hard to find one without all kinds of ridiculous animations and stupid shit all over the screen. I assume this is still true, in which case: nice find!

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