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Bloc 11 (the new Diesel) has *two vaults*!

Bloc 11 (the new Diesel) has *two vaults*!
Originally uploaded by molbl0g.

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Sometime, I'll organize a group to eat at the restaurant at the top of my street: it's in a former bank and you can dine in the vault, which is fun even though it's been plastered over and has tasteful artwork. Also, the food is tasty!

i lurve me some flora, yes i do.
(hennaJ and S had their wedding reception there too :)

I was expecting them to have only so-so food when I first went there, because they were the only fancy restaurant in Arlington for so long that I figured they'd be resting on those laurels, but it's actually quite tasty!

This looks really familiar - is it in Harvard Square? I remember an ice cream place once upon a time there that was in a space just like this.

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