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Backyard hops!

Backyard hops!
Originally uploaded by molbl0g.

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right, hops! is now the time for harvesting? or is that past?

I have no idea, alas! :(

Unrelated but on the bright side, I now have a replacement copy for your torn print. (also :(, but ultimately :) )

the internet gives thoughts on when to harvest.

we would have gone nuts trying to hang them anyway, as his parents showed up many hours early. but yay! lemme know when to grab them :)

OK! The next two days will be crazy as they are my last days at work and D and I are trying to learn to dance on stilts, but I expect to be EXTREMELY idle on Wednesday...

have you, um, emailed a directorly type to let her know you want to show off your dancing on stilts? you should!

i can be around Wednesday.

I emailed "ringmaster@ensmb.com", heard back a question about our preferred availability from "Johnny Blazes", and then never heard back about a slot. Any insight on what I should do now? :)

ah, good! i had not seen the updated list since last week, so i didn't know you'd emailed her!

um, we've had some venue scheduling issues, so right now it's a waiting game. we should have things nailed down by tomorrow.

Yep, that's the basic guide as to when to pick. For this variety (Cascade) in this climate, that works out to sometime in late August. Which is about the same time that the flower cones start to change from all-green to various shades of yellow & brown.

The aroma is pretty amazing, if you've ever rubbed fresh hops between your fingers. They'll still smell pretty intense even this late in the year, but I gather they wouldn't make very good beer.

shoot. next year, i know folks who would harvest and make beer (and share it), for sure!

as for the aroma, um, i don't know how i would feel about it because i hate hoppy beer. of course, i also hate malt in beer...

Usually late August/early September

Clearly you need to make beer now...

I think we missed the harvest this year. Maybe we need to make beer NEXT year.

Beer, Beer, Here, Hear!
I have all the necessary supplies, just haven't found the time for some years...

(Deleted comment)
Well, we have hops growing in our yard. It's not clear any of the residents have any plans to do anything about it, though D and I discuss it from time to time. Is that the same thing? :)

These hops came from a single vine that I inherited from a friend many years ago. They've since been transplanted into several friends' yards, where they tend to establish themselves pretty agressively. I had a community garden with a well-established vine, and I took one cutting from that garden when I gave it up and brought it to our backyard. They are Cascade variety, which is more often used for flavoring/aroma rather than bittering.
I've made beer from my own harvest exactly once-just haven't made homebrew in a long time. Though I intend to do it again someday.

I happen to really like the way they look as an ornamental. The flower cones are quite pretty when they turn colors in the fall, like variegated paper lanterns. They are also one of the few plants that will hold their own against sumac, an aggressive shrub/tree which runs rampant around here. They require very little attention to thrive, at least in our climate. The one downside is that they do have prickly vines, which are irritating to the skin when you brush against them.

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