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URL graffiti?

URL graffiti?
Originally uploaded by molbl0g.

I actually don't thinlI'd seen that before.

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Yes, but aren't women's restrooms usually -less- graffito'ed than men's rooms?
I've seen a couple of URLs scrawled in men's room stalls in the past year or so. Which didn't appear to have anything to do with sex, sports, or monster trucks-go figure! Not that I actually checked them out...perhaps I would have if I'd had a mobile web browser gadget on me - that's probably the target audience, I guess.

...I don't see how your question about men's rooms vs. women's rooms is relevant! I hadn't seen it before and it surprised me, and then it surprised me that it surprised me, that's all. I hadn't seen a hydrangea until well into adulthood, and they surprised me, too, despite their clear attestation in the literature. :)

Well, not having seen the inside of women's restrooms, I guess I was sort of asking for confirmation that there was a difference. But that's silly unless you've had occasion to visit the inside of many men's rooms. I hereby retract the question!

This reminds me of the men's restroom by the fourth floor cafe at harper with all the 'grout' variations. (i.e. words ending in -out) written in the grout.

Heh! That's awesome.

Surpassing moment of awesomeness semi-recently: someone mentioning to me a bit of cool graffiti they remembered from the USITE stairwell and having it be one that I had drawn!

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