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Post a photo of yourself.

Post a photo of yourself.
Originally uploaded by molbl0g.

Don't fix your hair or anything. Just take it and post it. OK, OK,
apparently i can't resist. Here I am just after biking to work. I'm
still all red and splotchy and I just noticed from my photo that you
can see my bib shorts peeking out on my shoulder so I should go finish

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don't turn around, but i think there's a mermaid sneaking up behind you...

All the workstudy students have a crush on officemate Justin (who used to be, among other things, a personal trainer and a model, and who looks more wholesome than aroraborealis). One of the ways they show it is *apparently* by coloring him pictures and leaving him little notes. It's cute, but scary.

Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't smile for this thing.

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