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Deluxe Town Diner

Deluxe Town Diner, originally uploaded by molbl0g.

Frappe, ployes, and falafel plate.


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What did she think?

She only very grudgingly gave me a sip! And she LOVED the ployes (though she wanted no blueberries, apparently).

We should have sent you home with ploye mix!

Side note: I found a binky in the bedding. Shall I send it? Maybe with some ploye mix. :)

Ploye mix! *sigh*

We're drowning in binkies. If a courier presents itself, feel free to send it (and ploye mix!), but if you don't get around to sticking it in the mail, the world will continue to turn.

nose glasses girl

(and this and this, but: nose!)

Aww, awesome pictures, thanks!

'Tis the season for post office runs, so it just may show up...

I do NOT get to DTD NEARLY enough. Bad, bad me.

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