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I am so excited!!!

I am so excited!!!, originally uploaded by molbl0g.

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You found the magic one that fits her! Hooray! Go, go biking girls!

i bet she's excited too!

How does it steer? Is there a mechanism in the front part so turning the handles manipulates the front wheel-clampy bit?

No steering. You just hang on and get towed, and pedal to help out when you can.

Letting the kid steer their way around your seat post while you bike = totally frantically dangerous.

Ah! Ok. I thought that was an entire bike on its own, just missing the front wheel.

I couldn't figure it out at first either -- like maybe M would put a really big wheel on the front like one of those old-time bikes but in reverse.

ooooh! oooh! ooooh! gorgeous! has N ridden it yet? We should take them for a spin together as soon as I am not sick.

Got the farthing, need the penny.

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