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Cheese, originally uploaded by molbl0g.

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Yaaaay! Is it as awesome in practice as she anticipated? She looks pretty happy :)

Yes! And this was even taken right after her one tumble. It was super fun!

She isn't exactly pulling her weight there, though. :-)


(a) she's three;
(b) she'd never been on a tagalong before;
(c) with a tandem you get extra juice;
(d) she's three. :)

I'm still impressed with her!

(Deleted comment)
Oyah! Collapsible! We don't use it nearly enough. It is intense teamwork -- your balance and pedal strokes and coasting and stopping/starting habits must line up precisely -- but it is so fun, and it facilitates conversations. This extended to our little tagalong passenger, too.

That's the experts-only way to ride a tandem solo, especially with a trail-a-bike behind it. Though I bet the tandem's handling is less affected by the trail-a-bike than a solo bike is (and that Natalie is less prone to shifting her weight around than Benjamin is).

I'm not sure; this is the first time ANY of us have used it. It affected the handling a lot, and tandem handling is already very weird. Ask me in a few weeks. :)

I've never ridden one, but my understanding is that you're supposed to have a rider up front too. :-)

My first time with a trail a bike was a few days ago, it wasn't a tandem, but we had lots of discussions about why the person in back doesn't get to steer. This is a lot fairer; no one gets to steer.

No, I got that part and even laughed; I was being serious in my comment.

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