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The pile of outerwear on top of my bike at the gym keeps getting bigger and fluffier.

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I've noticed the same thing; fortunately my office has several extra chairs to hang things on. (Though I overdressed again today; really I need to be freezing my ass off for the first half mile in order not to be totally overheated by the time I get to work.)

I see this as the big benefit to arm warmers. They seem dopey until you realize you can have sleeves on for the first 10-15 minutes of your ride and then *slide them down* so that you don't have them anymore. This morning I wore them under a loose grey fleece, as you can see. Later in the winter the same effect can be achieved with a neck gaiter: pull it up over your nose, and then later when you're warmer and flushed, you can plop it down around your neck like a loose scarf. Obviously balaclavas do this too, I just generally find them too restricting (though a silk balaclava does fit nicely under a helmet, fwiw).

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