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E SPEE ZOE, originally uploaded by molbl0g.

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Hypothesis 1: N's and D's are of insufficient sticky quality and fall off

Hypothesis 2: The local sign-making establishment has banned all N's and D's

Hypothesis 3: You took those letters for N and D at home

H4: camera lens that filters out all Ns and Ds -- and anything that begins with those letters, too, which is why you can't see D carrying N on his shoulders next to the sign. Note also that the narwhals and dinosaurs are not visible in the picture.

N.B. as it is after 5PM, and before 7PM in this picture, it is "evening", and thus neither "night" nor "day" -- otherwise, you'd see a sort of chroma-key dropout effect in the background. Usually, this sort of lens is nearly useless this time of year, but clearly, the camera's clock/calendar must still be set for October.

Edited at 2009-11-19 02:16 am (UTC)

My money's on #3 (and also #4).

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