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Aka "I have been worried mama trapped under sad sick snuggles for hours and I have an iPhone"

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Yeah, that's about the long and short of it. Yesterday I spent most of the day being a bed: oy. :) At least I was good at it?

Poor little sick girl. I hope she feels better soon! She's causing lovely photos, though.

She feels better enough today that not only is she willing to eat food, she's willing to make choices about it!

Poor sick little kid. Hope she feels better soon. (And hope you and D don't get it!)

Thank you. It is looking like today will be a bit better. And I hope we don't get it too! I'm taking good care of myself...

She looks so little and so big in these pictures, somehow. I hope there was sleep!

That was how she looked to me in person, too. Asleep on my lap and snuggling like a baby but somehow also much, much older than a small girl of 4.

She woke up today and proclaimed herself "much better!" but still was too limp to get back up the stairs without her daddy carrying her up to the toasted english muffin that awaited her.

Awww. Being sick is very tiring! I'm glad she's feeling better today.

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