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Tell me I don't need this saddle.

Tell me I don't need this saddle.
Originally uploaded by mollymomolly.

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I would, but I'd be lying.

They don't sell it separately! Aaaagh!

You don

You d


I can't.

You don't need this saddle. However, I might consider starting to bike again for a saddle that cool. What you need insteaed maybe is a saddle cover!

Let's define "need", shall we?

You *so* need that saddle.

You were happy without the saddle before you ever knew it existed.

However, I think that it would be remarkably efficient in transforming money into extra happiness.

You don't need that bike saddle. You need this one.

Waugh! Cute, but waaaaay too wide for what I want.

I figured. Try this instead. Can you tell yet that I don't have a job atm?

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