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Are you cheese yet?

Are you cheese yet?, originally uploaded by molbl0g.

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Mmm. Looks like you're making Tvorog or something similar?
(At least that's what it looks like when ksushis makes it.)

Oh! Sort of. :) I'm making fromage blanc, though I also want to make some farmer cheese (which is, I think, like Tvorog, and totally looks the same in process).

O hey! Is there someone in your house today before you come home from work? You might ask them to put a slightly bigger bowl under it, or else pour the whey off of this one into another container. :)

Unless this bowl is deeper than it looks! Totally possible.

The bowl is pretty epic! It's our biggest mixing bowl (if you know what that looks like) -- the whole bag above it would fit inside it with room to spare. Though you're right, it looks really shallow from this perspective. Thank you for the concern, srsly. :)

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