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Did it!

Did it!, originally uploaded by molbl0g.

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Thank YOU for helping me do it.

Excellent! I'll have to make sure to go in and see them.

Woo hoo! Do! :) I have a little stack of business cards by the register, too.

that's totally amanda!!! :)

Yeah! :) I think she's the only one who's not local, but I had to put that shot up.

Is this a restaurant with your portraits hanging in it? Awesome!

It is! It's True Grounds, my favorite coffeeshop. Here are the other shots:






Supah awesome!! Can't wait to see them
in situ!!!

Wow. Awesome.

Also: MY FACE. That's a little eerie.

I get the eerie, but that's one of my favorite photos. Just sayin.

I love that photo. A lot. I'm just not used to thinking of my face in an art context.

If you find it unpleasant, I would rush to take it down. It's one of my favorite photos too, though. And it's totally art!

Not unpleasant! Pleasantly bizarre.

Actually pretty nice.

Edited at 2010-11-04 10:39 pm (UTC)

Until when? Not that I have any Boston plans yet, but you never know...

Ha! Until the end of November. Come on by! :)

Sadly, that seems unlikely. I was hoping for a six-month run!

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