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Race for the Galaxy

Race for the Galaxy, originally uploaded by molbl0g.

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"Yeah, so he has a blue tile on a red square and is in possession of the nuclear plasma beetroot. Do you have the inverted penguin card?"

"I don't. But I have the purple token and the alien echo chamber. Oh, and my space station around the fifteen planet is currently in Robinson-Crusoe mode"

"Oh, okay. So count the number of revenge cards you have, subtract a chicken, place five doomsday cards, tap two of them at random, and draw two attribute cards"

"Oh damn, I can't invert my catnip yet"

That's a kind of crummy hand. Of cards I mean. Your actual hand is not crappy.

Yes! That is why I photographed it. Oddly I wound up playing 3 of those 6-point cards and winning he game.

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