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It's snowing rock salt.

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Honey, I know rock salt. You have cleavage. So does rock salt.
Ice-melt on your sidewalk? Sure. Rock salt? No. :-)

Heh. Fair enough; I grew up with "rock salt" as a generic name for "the stuff you put on sidewalks to melt shit", but I will grant you that it's a bad and inaccurate name. ANYWAY, though: it looks for all the world like ice-melt, doesn't it? But it was falling from the sky! Into my hands, and onto my hat!

It was pretty weird, yeah, and does look much like ice-melt. Or pearl sugar. :-) Last night, walking to dinner, coraline said "Observe the precipitation, it bounces!" to which I later replied "Observe the precipitation, it fornicates!"

festive hail! strewn from the sky to adorn my path home from work.

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