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It seemed like a good wallet, until I got to the RFID cards

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Silver cigarette case? I have one of those I need to polish. (nonsmoker, I got it from my mother)

Oh, pretty!

I wonder if you could glue the RFID chips/antennas to the outside. I bet that wouldn't work.

It might destroy the smooth and attractive exterior.

Maybe I could just glue the RFID chips to my forearm!

For the security-paranoid, a case that RFID doesn't work through is actually a boon ;)

(I have to flip open my wallet to reliably get my Charlie Card to read on the machines anyway, so it's not even an extra step as far as I'm concerned.)

i had one of these for a while... eventually it wasn't the RFID that got me but the non-expandable nature, and the fact that it will spill EVERYTHING when you drop it that got to me.
i'm back to a leather wallet.

My (p)leather wallet is DAMNABLY cute. I got it after ordering this, which took some time to arrive. I actually like the nonexpandable nature - it keeps me honest - but the bit about spilling everything is a good point.

I'll keep it around as a second-choice wallet for when I'm feeling pissy about this one, which will inevitably happen, as it always does.

Where did you order it? I had one much like this for many years, but it ended up sautered to the floor in a tragic whirlyball incident.

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