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I was unaware of this first aid technology.

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They have something like it in large-qtip form, to help stop nosebleeds. Never helped me, but who knows! Maybe a sponge does a better job!

I didn't know about it, either. Sounds like a worthy addition to the first-aid kit.

Thanks for keeping us updated and all!

At first glance, it looked like the new first-aid technology was shoving a bike up someone's ass.

To be fair, the product looks like it would help in that particular situation.

HUH! We're planning a bike tour, this might be a good thing to have around.

Do they have non-sport varieties for workplace injuries, home kitchen accidents, etc?

Exactly my thought. Though my fear is that the other main category is "war"

The basic versions are "sport" and "trauma".

Yeah. I need that. Once I'm moving around properly again.

This particular product was just revealed to me this weekend as a handy thing to have on boats. and in cars. and around. Isn't technology grand?

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