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I'm sort of charmed by this school fundraising bracelet.

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I bet it's "Got Excellence" but my first guess was "Got Silence?" and I kind of loved that.

Yes! Though I love "silence", "openness" and "joy" are two of her school's "core values". The other two are "openness" and "creativity". I admit I kind of love this, despite my mistrust at the phrase "core values".

Oops, "Excellence". They're "excellence", "joy", "creativity", and "openness". Joy is just my favorite.

yeah, i'm a little creeped out that at age 6, the phrase "core values" rolls off natalie's tongue so easily; also i worry that "excellence" is a pretty colorless "value" unless you're a greek philosopher with a rich and deep theory of what excellence consists in. (maybe we'll have to start her reading aristotle soon.) it just sounds disturbingly corporate to me.

but! joy!

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