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Making a weighted blanket.

Making a weighted blanket., originally uploaded by molbl0g.

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i know you said you wanted science, and while i can't give you actual science, i can tell you what my physical therapist has told me. in some people, their nervous systems can become hyper-reactive in a response to real (or perceived) danger, so the nervous system continues to hyper-react until the feeling of safety is achieved. some people find a kind of all-over pressure to be comforting. it's why newborns are tightly swaddled.

heh. i'm wanting to spend a bunch of money i don't have to purchase one, because i'm certainly not going to make one.

No, but that's on the right track, or why I'm so curious rather. There were hints of that on some of the websites I read, but no actual 'I know because I work with the body' people. And if there's a physical therapist out there saying this it strikes me as likely someone has done studies, and I'd love to see the efficacy compared to other interventions for things like insomnia. If I ever get around to actually doing a lit search, I will report back.

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